Started Dogs

Started Dogs

What is a Started Dog???

This is another million dollar question. There is no official definition as to what constitutes a started dog!

I had a young fellow bring his so-called started pup ($1600 later) to me for an evaluation. This is a true story; this pup would not come when called (not even sure the dog knew his name), did not establish point and completely oblivious to the WHOA command. I inquired if he had requested he watch the pup work before making the purchase, the seller told him he was really busy and just didn't have time, but to trust him this pup was ready to hit the field. I advised him, if it was me I would be demanding my money back. (I never did hear the outcome to this story).

More recently I have been working with another fellow for over a year now that purchased a supposed STARTED German Longhaired Pointer from out of state ($2200) and the story was the same as the first. As far as I could tell this pup had had no training at all.

UPDATE 3-3-13....Just got a call today from a fellow that stated he recently got taken for almost $5,000 on a supposed fully finished dog.

My point is when it comes to purchasing a started dog, it is truly BUYER BEWARE! A started dog can mean anything from being started on the most simple of basic obedience commands to various other stages of training.

Of course pricing will play a factor in what you are looking for in a started dog. Consider your budget and at what stage of training you are willing accept. Don't be shy ask the seller to show you what the dog has been trained on before you hand over the money. If the seller makes excuses as to why he/she can't do that, move on, there are plenty of dogs on the market to choose from.

GUN DOGS R US STARTED DOGS: Will be e-collar conditioned, gun broke, reliable on the "HERE" or "COME" command, able to establish and hold point, work the field in front of you, be "WHOA" trained and be able to be pulled off a hen or missed bird with the "NO BIRD" command.

OUR FINISHED DOGS: Will of course be advanced from the Started Dog Level being able to retrieve to hand, hold to flush, hold point on visual bird and honor another dog on point.

OUR STARTED/FINISHED DOGS: Will be somewhere in between the two levels. They will be solid on the started commands and have some, but not all the finished level commands. Our dogs either Started or Finished are truly trained to all the commands any field dog needs to know to make your hunt a pleasurable and rewarding experience.


2 year old GSP, fully trained ready to hunt.

Steady on point, Retrieves, Backs and Honors, easy to handle in the field.

Has one full season under his belt as professional guide dog.

Make a great companion for the casual hunter, guide dog and/or I believe has big potential as a serious field trailer.

I require any serious buyers to come see him in action. I will show you how to work with him and then have you work him before any sale is consummated.

He has been a kennel dog his whole life, not house broke. He is strictly a pheasant, chukar, quail dog (has not been exposed to grouse, woodcock etc..)

Weighs approx. 45lb to 50lb range....21" at the shoulders.

Please call or email direct... 303-648-3553

$2500.... "SOLD"


5 year old professional Guide Dog does it all.

Kelsie is a small dog ( I call her my pocket pointer).....Weighs approx. 40lbs. and has been spayed.

Please call or email direct... 303-648-3553

"$3500" (SOLD)

May consider partial or full trades for big boy toys; firearms, 4 wheeler..Let's see what you got.


Post Updated 5-20-2015

See Chase in action at (copy and paste to browser)

Chase is a 3 year old male ready for his new forever hunting home. He is collar conditioned, whoa broke, gun broke, retrieves, backs and honors. Chase has been out on several of my guided hunts and is really doing well.

Chase came to me from another kennel that was going out of business. He has been a kennel dog all his life, thus is not house broke. He is a really good dog, very friendly, gets along with other dogs and loves all people. No doubt, with more field experience Chase will be an absolute star in field.

Weight: 62 lbs


Comes with AKC paperwork / (Limited Registration)

May consider partial or full trades for big boy toys; firearms, 4 wheeler..Let's see what you got.



15 Mos. Started Female


Gretchen is Gun Broke, Collar Conditioned, Whoa Broke, Hold to Flush and Retrieves

Gretchen is coming along very nicely in her training. She works the field and responds well to all of her commands. Gretchen has been worked on pigeons and chukar. She is great with people, other dogs and is housebroke. She was born here on our property and we owned both parents. Pheasant season is right around the corner, if you have been waiting for a well trained dog at an affordable price point, come meet Gretchen. She will fill your home with a whole lotta love and help put with some delicious table fare.



Price will increase as training progresses.


5 Year Old Finished Guide Dog


Titus is a good running dog, trained on verbal, whistle and hand signals. Titus is an absolute sweetheart. He was rehomed to me by a young dentist. The fellow was working many hours and just had their 4th child under the age of 10. We know GSP's need lots of exercise, thus his wife had her hands full with the kids, so they ended up re-homing Titus to me. He was an indoor pet for the first 4 years of his life, great with the kids. He comes out of a very well respected kennel out of KS called Princes Quality Gun Dogs. The fellow I got him from told me he was a started dog when he got him but he did not have the time to hunt him. When I brought him in I spent the whole summer getting him back on his game. He has done very well for me on my guided hunts. The reason I am re-homing him is his age. My business is hunting dogs (breeding, training and guiding) Once my dogs get 5 years old I rehome them, otherwise I end up with a geriatric kennel. If Titus was a 2 year old dog I would be keeping him for sure.

Whoa Broke, Staunch on Point and Backs/ Honors other dogs on point and retrieves.




3 Year Old Started GSP

Ruby is very much a gentlemans dog and will make a wonderful home companion and casual hunting partner. She is not the hyper big running dog you hear about with GSP's. Along with her excellent hunting skills, her calm temperamnet will assure you a wonderful addition to your home as well. She ranges very comfortably at 40 to 45 yds and handles very nicely with her verbal and whistle commands. She is collar conditioned, gun broke, whoa broke and solid on point. Will honor/back, been through force fetch and trained to heel. Also trained on whistle, verbal and hand signals. Will play fetch with bumper till your arm falls off, very affectionate, house broke.

Ruby:"$2200"... **SOLD**


**Also open to Firearms, 4 wheeler...or other Big Boy Toys..Never hurts to ask...Let me know what you got...


3 Yr. Old German Shorthaired Pointer

Ruby and her identical twin sister Abbey were rehomed to me as the current family realized they just did not have the time to get them trained up to fulfill their destiny as bird dogs. When they first came to me they were quite stand-offish and not real socialized with other dogs. They have been with me about 90 days now and have really started coming out of their shells. They have started showing some real affection towards me and have started playing with the other dogs in my pack.

Not only have they seemed to be getting more comfortable with the new surroundings, people and strange dogs they are actually turning into pretty decent bird dogs. These dogs are currently gun broke, collar broke and whoa trained. They are solid on point and we are currently working on backing/honoring, next we will move on to retrieve. Both are very sweet dogs and will make wonderful home companions and great hunting partners.



**Also open to Firearms, 4 wheeler...or other Big Boy Toys..Never hurts to ask...Let me know what you got...


(Posted 10-22-12)


14 Mos.Old German Shorthaired Pointer

Mocha has just completed her training and recently participated in her 1st hunt as a professional guide dog, and she rocked it out. She is staunch on point, backs and honors like a champ and retrieves. She is whistle trained, whoa broke and very responsive with verbal & hand signals.

Mocha is willing and ready to rock-n-roll just in time for the upcoming season.

We do require Mocha go to a hunting family that will allow her to be inside and be part of your family!

Call for the details.



"Bodie"......10 Mos.Old Brittany


Bodie is ready to hit the fields running. He carries the stylish point and all the drive that comes natural to this classic breed. He has been collar conditioned, gun broke, whoa broke, retrieves, establishes and holds staunch on point. Not only is Bodie a machine in the field he gets along well with other dogs and just loves his people. He will make the perfect dual companion for home or afield 303-648-3553


"McKenzie"......Fully Finished GSP

... *SOLD*...

McKenzie is a 6 year old fully finished field dog. She is staunch on point, backs and honors. She is a solid retriever from land or water. If you are looking for that brag dog to impress your buddies, Mckenzie is your girl.

She has been spayed and is currently housed in our climate controlled kennel facility. However, in her younger years she was a house dog. She has been house tested recently and does remember her house training. We will only let McKenzie go to a house pet/hunting family.

"ELBEE"......18 month old Brittany


Elbee came to me from a fellow out in Kansas. Due to his wifes health problems he decided he did not have the time this young pup needed to reach his potential to be somebody's wonderful hunting comapnion.

Ebee has been with me for 3-4 weeks now, so we are just getting started on his training. Elbee is a natural pointer, but needs coaching on holding the point. We have backed up his training and are working on the Whoa command. Once this has been established we will start working on holding point.

So far he is collar conditioned, gun broke and works well on the whistle for the Here command and the Come Around command (quartering).

Elbee should be ready to hit the fields end of November, possibly sooner. This dog has the stature and markings of this classic breed, he is quite a handsome fellow. He has what it takes and will be an outstanding partner for your casual hunts or for the field trial arena!

"My goal in life is to be the kind of person my dog thinks I am..."

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"My goal in life is to be the kind of person my dog thinks I am..."